Careabout is based upon the well established Path to Wellbeing. This page explores in more detail the underlying thinking behind CareAbout. We would like to acknowledge the input and advice of Dr Neil Deuchar here. Neil was Head of Mental Health for West Midlands, and helped us with our previous work on community engagement, working with the Birmingham Community Safety Partnership and West Midlands Police.

WHY Care About?

Because we believe that it is through helping others, that we help ourselves.

The trick is to find the right people to help, so you can help in a sustainable manner, belong, make a difference, and have the self-belief to help some more. This is the path to wellbeing. Those who seek to exclude you from this process are not on your side.

WHAT is Care About?

“Care About facilitates the prioritisation of values, through the creation of peer groups that help with the inception of a self-enquiry process that identifies what people think they have to offer, in order to give as a path to wellbeing.”

At Care About’s core is a belief that we are all better off when we help each other and thereby ourselves on our paths to wellbeing. We all wear different hats in our daily lives, and those hats change over time as our roles in life change. So, at one level this is a complex problem. However, we also believe that you start on the path to wellbeing by taking the first step.

We define the path to wellbeing as follows:-

  1. Self-knowledge
  2. Knowledge of others
  3. Engagement
  4. Belonging
  5. Make a difference (Do Something)
  6. Self-Belief

Unwrapping the process

  1. Care About starts by helping us to know ourselves by prioritising our needs at an emotional level, both in terms of What we Care About, and our skills – Or How we might help others.
  2. We next share how an individual’s needs compare to the needs of rest of their local community
  3. The option then exists, to meet people with whom you have things in common, and to match up how you can help to areas where help is needed.
  4. In this manner an individual can practice their skills, be valued by and belong to that community
  5. Over time as we grow and help each other we will make a difference and be seen to be doing so
  6. This in turn will lead to self-belief, and an improved knowledge of What we care About, and How we can best help other. Back to 1 above.


WHO are the Players?

This does take a bit of thinking about, because we all have different roles in our lives.

We start with the Individual.

Then compare each individual’s skills to the needs of the community.

As individuals gain skills in Making a Difference, they become Ambassadors the cause they Care About, and can start to manage teams of volunteers.

This activity, being a Social Good, is a sponsorable activity – Enter the Sponsors

We then start to move into the needs of the sponsors.

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility CSR
  2. Corporate Shared Values CSV
  3. Marketing and Communications programs
    1. Social – Story Telling
    2. Data – Access to Customer needs and Aspirations
  4. Internal Change Management Programs
  5. Aligning Brand Values with those of their Staff and Customers


HOW does it all fit together?


  1. By aligning the skills of the individual with the needs of the community, we help that individual to add value and thereby belong to the community
  2. By Aligning the Values of the Sponsor to those of the community, we help the Firm, The Community and the Individual. In effect we create a learning organisation for all from the marketing CSV budget of firms.