The world is like a bathroom with the tap on and the sink overflowing. There are many highly motivated people mopping the floor, but noone knows how to turn the tap off.

How does Careabout work?

Careabout helps communities to turn their own taps off by starting with each individual, and asking them :-

  1. What do you careabout? and
  2. How can you help others?

Thereby helping individuals to help each other and hence themselves.

It is a process based upon giving, building trust and consequently receiving support in return.

Careabout is a process of engagement, that starts by helping people to identify the things they really careabout. We do this by helping individuals and communities to think through their priorities, thereby building concensus as to what matters and what can be done about it.

Those things that upset us and cause stress, illness and hostility in our communities, are identified, prioritised by the communities, and then we look to bring all the available resources together, to empower the people to help themselves.

HOW CARE ABOUT makes a difference



  1. Listen to what is happening in a local community
  2. Write surveys see
  3. Understand what matters to each community
  4. Act to make a difference by:
    1. Sharing the needs of the community
    2. Identifying Councillors and MPs who want to make a difference
    3. Support Self Help Groups in the community
  5. Are Agnostic to politics. We will not get involved
  6. Believe in Democracy and accountability of local government to the communities they serve
  7. Believe in helping people to help themselves, not to exclude them in the name of public sector job creation, and the associated abuse of that power.
  8. Believe in Working Together with Business the Community and the Public sector to build a better and less morally and financially corrupt world for our children