Your Values – Old

What do you Care About?

Thinking about yourself and where your self esteme come from please drag and drop the following options into order, starting with the one that you careabout the most.

Survey: Your Values

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  • ^ 1 Feeling Important - Money - StatusV
  • ^ 2 Feeling Wanted - Sex - RelationshipsV
  • ^ 3 Feeling Needed - Family - Support GroupsV
  • ^ 4 Feeling Free - Independence - Not being Trapped - TransportV
  • ^ 5 Feeling Involved - Engaged - In touch - Informed - FashionV

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This will help us to understand what matters to you at an emotional level. These are choices are about “Knowing yourself” and your personal needs for self esteme. There is no right or wrong and they will change over time.

Your answers will help us to connect you with people who can help you to achieve your emotional goals.

The next section is about your strengths and weaknesses, where we look to understand What you can do to help other people.


“If you want to go fast – Go Alone. If you want to go far – Go Together” Algonquin Indian saying

If we can better understand the things that we really careabout, it is easier for us to work together to help each other on the journey to building a better world for ourselves and our children.

Because we believe in helping people to help themselves.

We further believe that helping yourself to be happy is about being able to help others.

So we say  CARE ABOUT “Making a difference”



It is both a Statement, in that we CARE ABOUT making a difference and,

 a Challenge in that we want to help you to CARE ABOUT making a difference.

That means starting with the things you CARE ABOUT.

What are the things that really matter to you? Not things that annoy you, or the very big things you cannot really affect, but the things that in your heart you know really matter.

What are the things where you could start to make a difference tomorrow?