Careabout is for everyone, regardless of their colour or beliefs.

Careabout believes in changing things for the better, from the ground up.

Careabout helps individual people to take responsibility for their actions by helping them belong to and contribute to their local communities.

Careabout is for all those people who have observed the complete inability of the establishment to solve any problems, and who have watched the self interest of establishment individuals take precidence over the people they are paid to represent.

Michelle OBama’s Cup half Full Speech

Michelle Obama was asked “How come there is a black man in the White House?”

She responded

“If we, the people in power, believe that our cup is half full and the people’s cup is half empty then, we should go home. Conversely if we believe that the people cup is half full, and it is our job to fill it with hope, then we have a job to do. Across the years from slavery via Martin Luther King and Malcolm X to the modern day, very few people have helped the black community, so we have had to learn how to help ourselves. And that is why there is a black man in the White House”

We are better together. Careabout was initially started by some work we undertook for West Midlands Police in the Birmingham area. That activity is now an ACPO best practice case study on community engagement.

This is about our society as part of the Global Village

At this point I would like to credit to the thinking of Paulo Freyer, and Margaret Ledwith in there development of ABCD – Asset Based Community Development. Which means Helping people to help themselves. Also the work of Dr Carole Dweck on Fixed and Growth Mindsets.

Careabout is a process that helps communities to develop through engagement with others thereby encouraging Growth mindset rather than Fixed mindset thinking.