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This is where you can tell us about your strengths and weaknesses, so we can play to your strengths.

Please drag and drop the following choices into order, starting with the area where you feel you could best help someoneelse to help themselves.


Survey: Your Skills

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  • ^ 1 Giving - Resources - Time, Cash, SkillsV
  • ^ 2 Friendship - Just being thereV
  • ^ 3 Support Groups - Physically doing somethingV
  • ^ 4 Mobility - Helping other people get aroundV
  • ^ 5 Engaging - Exploring ideas, getting people together to help V

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Careabout helps each one of us to be heard.

Careabout is designed to help us express ourselves in a manner that can make a real differrence.

Careabout brings people together with similar interests

Careabout helps people with opposing interests to work together to find solutions that work for everyone.

Careabout Helps people to Help themselves


CARE ABOUT is place where you can

  1. Be Safe
  2. Belong
  3. Think about what matters
  4. Express yourself
  5. Be Listened to
  6. Be Understood
  7. Meet people, with the same ideas
  8. Work together to help each other
  9. Make a difference

Note . This is Maslow

WHAT does CARE ABOUT do to help?

We start by helping you to think through what matters to you and your family.

We do this by asking you to choose what matters to you in your real-life circumstances today, and them in order of importance or priority. (Because we want to make a difference by improving your real-life circumstances today)

Once you have shared your choices with us, we ask you if you would like to see what other people think. At this point you are effectively joining the CARE ABOUT Community. We ask you for your name, email and post code.

We do this so we can:-

  1. Understand how people opinions at different stages in their lives
  2. Be sure that the opinions we have are representative of the community as a whole
  3. If you would like, introduce you to local people who CARE ABOUT the same things


We believe that

If you want to Go Fast –  GO ALONE. If you want to Go Far – GO TOGETHER

Algonquin Indian saying adopted by the UK Marine Corps

At this point, we are assuming that you want to make a difference.

You can now become involved at three levels

  1. Express your opinion. Just complete the surveys. We need to know who you are to avoid double counting. We will keep this data confidential. Your identity will never be shared with any third party without your express permission on the website.
  2. Vote for Councillors and MP’s who give a commitment to do something about the things you CARE ABOUT – We will tell you who they are and you can tell us if they have done it. We will then share that with you and you can vote accordingly.
  3. Actually meet people who CARE ABOUT the same things
  4. Become a CARE ABOUT Ambassador. This will involve organising meetings, with the support of a number of local organisations.



Survey Examples


Which is most important to you

Please place the following in order of importance or priority to you today

  1. Being Successful
  2. Being Loved
  3. Being Trusted
  4. Being Healthy
  5. Making a difference



Thinking about your children, please place the following in order of importance or priority today

  1. Education
  2. Good Health
  3. Status
  4. Employment
  5. Being Trusted